Volcanic Eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula


Information for Erasmus+ and ESC participants in the area.

A new volcanic eruption between Sýlingarfell and
Hagafell on the Reykjanes peninsula began on 18 December, 
approximately 30 km from the Reykjavík
Capital Region and  about 4 km from the town
of Grindavík.
Photo taken by Gunnur Rós Grettisdóttir

This is the fourth eruption in the area since 2021 and starts more powerful than the previous ones. A state of emergency has been declared. There are no interruptions to international aviation at the moment and no injuries have been reported.

The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management has asked citizens to stay away from the area. Air quality in the surrounding areas, Reykjavík and the Capital Region may be affected in the coming days. We advise those with respiratory issues to follow the advice of the Icelandic Met Office closely.

In case Erasmus+ and ESC participants who are located in Iceland at the moment need information on these events, we recommend that they stay informed via the Icelandic Met Office and RÚV National Broadcaster , and follow instructions from local authorities.

For more information on any potential effect on air transport, please consult the website of Keflavík Airport. News articles in English: BBC , CNN , ABC , Sky News , ABC News Australia , Washington Post , LBC , The New York Times , and The Guardian.

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