Seismic activity in the Reykjanes Peninsula


Information for Erasmus+ and ESC participants in the area

In the past few days there have been numerous and powerful earthquakes in the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland. The area most severely affected is the town of Grindavík (population approx. 3700 people) which is very close to the origins of the earthquakes and approximately 40 km from the Capital Region. Both buildings and roads in and around Grindavík have suffered damages in these earthquakes but people have not been injured. On Friday 10th of November Grindavík was evacuated and the area around the town is closed to the public. A volcanic eruption is likely in the area, however when, or exactly where is difficult to predict at the moment.

In case Erasmus+ and ESC participants who are located in Iceland need information on these events, we recommend that they stay informed via the Icelandic Met Office, RÚV National Broadcaster, and follow instructions from the Icelandic Emergency Services and local authorities.

At the moment neither international nor local air traffic has been affected but in case of a volcanic eruption please consult the website of Keflavík Airport.

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