Recognition of foreign vocational qualifications

Application for an evaluation and recognition of a professional qualification and working experience to work in a certified trade. IS PL


Applicants for an evaluation and recognition of a professional qualification in industry-related professions should direct their enquiries to Fræðsluskrifstofa rafiðnaðarins if it is a qualification in electricity or electronics or to Idan educational centre if it is any other industry-related degree (see postal addresses and web links on the application form).

The following documents shall be submitted with the application: 

  • copy of a school leaving certificate in the original language, stamped by the issuing institution or other recognised body
  • a translation of the certificate into Icelandic or English
  • statement on the professional experience of the applicant in the profession he/she intends to pursue in Icelandic or English
  • verification on the professional rights of the applicant in his/her home country in Icelandic or English
    , when applicable
  • copy of passport

It is important to copy all pages of the certificate so that the content of the training (the listing of subjects) and its length in years is visible.

Upon processing the application, the educational institutions that process the application send it with a statement to the Directorate for Education.

Applications for a license to work in the health professions should be sent to the Directorate of Health.


If the applicant is deemed to fulfil the educational requriement to work in a certified trade in Iceland, (s)he will receive a statement to that affect from the Directorate for Education. In such case, there are no further demands for further studies in Iceland in the relevant field. However, the person concerned must apply for a license to work from the Directorate of Labour if (s)he is a citizen of a country outside the EEA. The District Commissioner (Sýslumaður) in East-Iceland issues a license for individuals who fulfill the conditions for education and professional experience in Iceland.

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