Inclusion support for students and staff mobility

In order to make access to student and staff mobility as easy as possible, in line with the principles of the ECHE, HEIs must ensure equal and equitable access and opportunities to current and prospective participants from all backgrounds. This means including participants with fewer opportunities, such as participants with physical, mental and health related conditions, students with children, students with a refugee status and students that are immigrants or a child of immigrant(s)

Inclusion support - extra funding for participants who face obstacles of various kinds

A person with fewer opportunities faces personal, physical, mental or health-related conditions that make participation in the project/mobility action not possible without extra financial or other support. Higher education institutions that have selected students and/or staff with fewer opportunities can apply for additional grant support to the National Agency in order to cover the supplementary costs which cannot be covered through the top-up amount for individual support. In particular these costs aim at covering the extra financial support required for participants with physical, mental or health related conditions to allow their participation in the mobility as well as in preparatory visits and for accompanying persons (including costs related to travel and subsistence, if justified and as long as it is not covered through budget categories "travel support" and "individual support" for these participants).

To apply for inclusion support please contact the international office at your home university, after you have sent in your student mobility application. They will assist you with filling out this application form and then send it to the Icelandic Erasmus+ National Agency. 

Extra funding for students and staff with fewer opportunities may be provided also from other sources at local, regional and/or national level.

Students and recent graduates with fewer opportunities - top-up amount to the individual support:

  • Additional 250 euros per month in case of long-term mobility (duration of mobility is at least 2 months);
  • Additional 100 euros for short-term mobility lasting 5-14 days;
  • An additional 150 euros in the case of short-term mobility lasting 15-30 days;

The criteria set by the Icelandic Erasmus+ National Agency, for the top-up for students and recent graduates with fewer opportunities:

  • Students that are immigrants or a child of immigrant(s)
  • Students with a refugee status
  • Students with health problems: This includes severe illnesses, chronic diseases, or any other physical or mental health-related situation
  • Students with a disability/disabilities: This includes physical, mental, intellectual, learning disabilities or sensory impairments
  • Students that have a child/children under the age of 18

To confirm the need for the top-up the student has to sign a student declaration. Please note that the higher education institution allocating the Erasmus+ grant may ask for a relevant proof, in addition to the declaration.

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