Going digital with Erasmus+

Going digital with Erasmus+

The Nordic countries have joined forces and entered into cooperation which allows for support and the exchange of best practices in the area of digital mobility management. A task force, consisting of Erasmus+ National Agencies and higher education institutions, is developing a set of support material with a view to help international relations officers and students navigate through the exciting world of paperless mobility.

The five HEI representatives taking part in this exercise are at different stages in the digitalisation process and with the work of implementing the digital tools. The goal is to reach out to as many HEIs in our countries as possible with information, experience and ideas on how to get started and how to move forward.  

The online tools of Erasmus+ help international relations officers to manage mobility in a more efficient and modern way. In order to get the most out of it, make sure you stay informed about our upcoming events and other material which will make your life easier. As the work is in progress, we will update the following section with new items regularly:

This cooperation is funded by the National Agencies as an Erasmus+ Transnational Cooperation Activity, which has the objective is to improve the quality of Erasmus+ programme delivery and provide added value through knowledge sharing and cross-border collaboration. The European Student Card Initiative aims to digitalise mobility administration processes so that mobility coordinators will be able to manage the whole lifespan of a student mobility before, during and after the mobility, as well as their agreements with partner institutions. At the same time, mobilie students are able to access information and services and manage their learning agreements online.

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