One of the two themes of BORE is Internationalisation of Icelandic higher education. Currently there is no national policy in place on the internationalisation of the Icelandic higher education system. Similarly, none of the Icelandic higher education institutions has developed its own strategy to date. 

The aim of BORE is to foster a dialogue between stakeholders at institutional and national level on the meaning of internationalisation, develop recommendations to national authorities on areas of importance when it comes to developing an internationalisation strategy and supporting stakeholders at institutional level and students in developing their own internationalisation strategies.  This will be done through a series of activities, such as annual International Day of Higher Education, brainstorming sessions with individual stakeholder groups and seminars for professionals involved in internationalisation, such as guidance and career counsellors and staff at international offices at higher education institutions.

Alþjóðadagur háskóla 18. mars 2016 / International Higher Education Day 18 March 2016


Námsstefna með Landssambandi stúdenta um alþjóðavæðingu 27. - 28. mars 2015 / Seminar on internationalisation with the National Studen Union 27-28 March 2015

Alþjóðadagur háskóla 24. nóvember 2014 / International Higher Education Day 24 November 2014
Monday, 24 November 2014, Icelandair Hotel Natura – Þingsalur 3


Stefnumótun Háskóla Íslands um alþjóðastefnu 4 febrúar 2016 / Brainstorming seminar on internationalisation at The University of Iceland, 4 February 2016

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