KA2 Final Reports

Model for Erasmus+ KA2 final report training for experts

If you need any of the training materials on a “word” format for updating or to adapt to your national needs, please send your request directly to erasmusplus@rannis.is

Briefing Sheets

These short briefing sheets are very useful for experts to have at hand when doing an assessment of Erasmus+ strategic partnership (KA2) final reports as they give an overview of the different aspects of each assessment criteria an expert has to think about when assessing KA2 final reports. 

There is a separate sheet with guidelines for experts, Expert Briefing Sheet in which experts can read about the rules they need to follow during the assessment process, scoring rules, the different roles of experts and NA staff and how to ensure no conflict of interest.  There is further a briefing sheet on how to prepare Assessment Comments. While comments are not expected to be long in words, they need to be concise and accurately reflect the scoring of the report.

The “Where to Look” sheet helps the assessor finding the sections in the final report form relevant for assessing each criteria and the Quality Assurance sheet reminds the experts of the importance of ensuring the quality of the assessment process.

Criteria Briefing Sheet - Relevance

Criteria Briefing Sheet – Quality of Cooperation

Criteria Briefing Sheet – Quality of Project Implementation

Criteria Briefing Sheet – Impact and dissemination

Expert Briefing Sheet

Assessment Comments Briefing Sheet

Where to Look Briefing Sheet

Slides and Support notes

The power point slides are one of the core materials of the “Erasmus+ Model for Expert Training”, and are of particular use for Erasmus+ National Agency staff responsible for training experts in assessing KA2 final reports.  Erasmus+ National Agencies can use the slides during their national training or adapt/translate them as needed.  Individual sessions can be skipped or adapted to local needs.  Along with the power point slides are comprehensive support notes for trainers.  These are meant to assist trainers preparing and executing individual sessions of the training, whether it is the start-up Quiz or the Creating Comments session. The support notes, particularly those on exercises, give trainers a step-by-step guidance on how to lead the exercises.

Final report assessment, expert training slides

Support notes

Exercise material and Handouts

Here you find exercise materials for the different sessions of the training. These can be printed out and used as they come or adapted for local needs

Tagxedo Clouds (Handout)

Three Little Words (Handout)

Traffic Lights – Results (Handout)

When to Assess – Sub - elements

Other Useful Documents

Erasmus+ Programme Guide

OEET Expert User Manual

FR Assessment Video

This video is a part of a series of materials, developed for experts that are assessing final reports under the Strategic Partnerships action of the Erasmus+ programme. The video will cover only the basics and should normally be complemented by a dedicated training or briefing session. At the end of this video, experts will know why the assessment is taking place and what their role is in this process; they will be familiar with the assessment criteria and will be able to distinguish between those elements that need to be assessed and those which do not.

FR Assessment Video

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