Training for Erasmus+ Experts, KA2 Applications

Please note that the training material (except for Slides and Support notes) is based on the 2020 Programme Guide and 2020 Erasmus+ Guide for Experts on Quality Assessment.

If you need any of the training materials on a “word” format for updating or to adapt to your national needs, please send your request directly to

Common Briefing Sheets

The Common Briefing Sheets are common both for KA1 and KA2.  They are intended to give an overview of the Erasmus+ programme objectives and new and recent policy documents related to those objectives.  There is also a Glossary Sheet which is partially subtracted from the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.  The Expert Briefing Sheet on the other hand details the role of the expert in the assessment process.

Briefing Sheets for Key Activity 2

These short briefing sheets are very useful for experts to have at hand when doing the actual assessment as they give an overview of the different aspects of each assessment criteria an expert has to think about.  There is also a separate sheet with how to prepare Assessment Comments. Budget is so important that we decided to create a separate briefing sheet on budget assessment alone.  

Assessment Form

These word forms are exact copies of the assessment forms in OEET.  Many experts find it helpful to use these sheets while doing the assessment and then copy their comments into OEET. A note of caution! Change the word sheets once filled in into a pdf for printing.

Slides and support notes

The slides are one of the core materials of the “Erasmus+ Model for Expert Training”.  Any Erasmus+ National Agency can use these for their national training or adapt/translate them as needed.  Sessions can also be skipped.  New to the Model for Expert Training in 2016 are comprehensive support notes which assist trainers preparing and executing individual sessions of the training, whether it is the start-up Quiz or the Creating Comments session.

Exercise Materials

Here you find exercise materials for the different sessions of the training.

Other Useful Documents

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