KA1 Application

Training for Erasmus+ Experts, KA1 Application

Please note that the training material (except for Slides, Exercises and Support notes) is based on the 2020 Programme Guide and 2020 Erasmus+ Guide for Experts on Quality Assessment.

If you need any of the training materials on a “word” format for updating or to adapt to your national needs, please send your request directly to  erasmusplus@rannis.is.

Common Briefing Sheets

The Common Briefing Sheets are common both for KA1 and KA2.  They are intended to give an overview of the Erasmus+ programme objectives and new and recent policy documents related to those objectives.  There is also a Glossary Sheet which is partially subtracted from the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.  The Expert Briefing Sheet on the other hand details the role of the expert in the assessment process.

Briefing Sheets for Key Activity 1 

Slides,Exercises and Support Notes 

Training Materials: Exercises and Materials

Other Documents 

Assessment Templates

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