Training for Erasmus+ Experts

Training for Erasmus+Experts

The “Model for Expert Training” TCA

For those agencies across Europe managing and delivering European funding programmes in education and training, there is a long history of thematic development and collaboration that extends back to the late 1990s.

In recent years, following the introduction of a new funding programme for education, training, youth and sports, national agencies responsible for the delivery of the Erasmus+ Programme have been encouraged to work together on themes of common interest, under the heading of Transnational Cooperation Activity or TCA. Actions are meant to improve the quality of Erasmus+ programme delivery, providing added-value through knowledge sharing and cross-border collaboration, and should seek to contribute to confirmed priorities and headline targets set out in strategic documents such as Europe 2020 and Education and Training 2020.

With a focus on quality assured delivery of the Erasmus+ programme, the “ Model for Expert Training” was jointly-developed by the Erasmus+ National Agencies in Iceland, Norway and Sweden and is now available for other Erasmus+ National Agencies to use for training of experts.

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