Nordic Contact seminar on guidance for low-skilled adults

Nordic Contact Seminar on guidance for low-skilled adults

Held in Reykjavík, Iceland 8 - 10 November 2016

Twitter feeds from the conference: #nordicguidance

This event was jointly organised by the Nordic Erasmus+ National Agencies in Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and will also involve Nordic EPALE contact points, the Nordisk Nätverk för Vuxnas Lärande (NVL) and Euroguidance in Iceland. Participants came from all the Nordic countries and  were around 85 on November 9 and around 50 on November 10. Photograps from both days can be found here . The Icelandic National Agency would like to express its warmest thanks to everyone involved. 

Very positive results of participant survey after the event.


Tuesday 8 November

19:00 - 21:00

Opening of the Nordic Contact Seminar

  • Introduction of participants, icebreaking and networking.
  • Project ideas that are sent in before the seminar are visible on screen – participants will be able to look at them and identify people and project ideas.
  • Light refreshments

Wednesday 9 November

Conference on guidance for adults

Reykjavik, November 9th 2016
Venue:  Hvammur, Grand Hotel
Working language – EN

Moderator Gudbjorg Vilhjalmsdottir, Professor in school and career counselling, School of Social Sciences - Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, University of Iceland.


Registration and mingling

Margrét K. Sverrisdóttir, EPALE coordinator and Sigrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir, national NVL coordinator in Iceland.

Dr. Svanhildur Sverrisdóttir, Expert in adult education at the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. 

9:45  Short discussions at the tables on different themes (icebreaker)

Career guidance for low-qualified learners in AE 
Peter Plant, Professor2, University of South-East Norway/Lillehammer Høgskole, presentation


Using ICT in outreach and guidance for low-qualified adults
Jaana Kettunen, Researcher, Finnish Institute for Educational Research of the University of Jyväskylä, presentation


Short introduction of EU's New Skills Agenda:
Guaranteeing all adults validation of prior learning
Dóra Stefánsdóttir, Senior Advisor, Rannís, presentation


Experience of receiving guidance as an adult (on video)
Dusanka Kotaras, cook in northern Iceland, see video


EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe) as a tool in guidance and for project planning
Reeta Knuuti, Senior Programme Adviser EPALE, presentation

 Simultaneous workshops. Coffee will be available during the workshops
  • Workshop 1: “Work life guidance” toolbox for guidance in the workplace – outreach.
    Moderators: Fjóla María Lárusdóttir og Arnheiður Gígja Guðmundsdóttir, specialists at Education and Training Service Centre.
  • Workshop 2: Norrænar vefsíður (workshop in Icelandic).
    Moderator Arnar Thorsteinsson, specialist at Education and Training Service Centre. 
  • Workshop 3: How to reach vulnerable groups? 

    Moderator Fjóla Jónsdóttir, Educational Manager at Efling labour union

  • Workshop 4:Edutainment & Basic skills: Can adults have fun when learning? Moderator Dóra Stefánsdóttir.

Closure of the conference – main messages from the conference.

17:15  Social programme. A bus will be leaving from Grand Hotel 

 Sightseeing in Árbæjarsafn Open Air Museum

18:30  Traditional Icelandic dinner at Árbæjarsafn Open Air Museum

Thursday 10 November

Paul GuestPaul Guest Moderator

Moderator of the Nordic Contact Seminar is Paul Guest.  Paul has worked in European-funded developments in the field of education and training for much of the last 25 years. Having started his career in the UK guidance sector, Paul helped to establish the UK Euroguidance Centre before moving to Brussels to support management and implementation of the European Commission's Higher Education and Vocational Training funding programmes. Nowadays, Paul works as a consultant in education, training and project management, aiding the delivery of projects and programmes, building capacity among project management professionals and helping to make sense of some of the complexities of delivering change and improvement in European education and training. 

Moderator: Paul Guest,  presentation


Ágúst H. Ingthorsson, Coordinator of Erasmus+ and Head of Department at Rannis


Setting the scene
 9:30 Step 1: Innovation


Making the Pitch and Forming Groups
 10:30  Coffee
11:00 Groupwork

Step 2: Implementation

12:30 Lunch
13:30 Groupwork
 14:30  Step 3: Institutions
 14:45  Groupwork
 15:00  Step 4: Impact
 15:15  Groupwork
 15:50  Indroducing the P Factor


 16:45 The P Factor (Finale)
 18:00 Dinner at Iðnó, restaurant in Downtown Reykjavík. A bus will be leaving from Grand Hotel

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